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NZ Master Joiner Awards 2019

2019 - Best Kitchen Award
 "Striking kitchen using subtle refined detail to frame elements of the island and hob wall, popping central joinery off the darker tone black wall. The detail repeated to float the kitchen island unit. Very well delivered concept with the added touch of theme carried through to the dining table"

2019 - Best Canterbury Regional Award
"Well balanced and subtle solution. Proportionally correct with masterful touches"

2019 - Best Use of Creative Lighting Award
"Lighting used cleverly and subtly to create layering and accentuate form, while highlighting areas and creating shadow. Sufficient light for the working area, using form and function"

2019 Kitchen Awards
2019 - Best Kitchen Award
2019 - Best Regional Kitchen Award
2019 - Best Use of Creative Lighting Award

2017 Kitchen Awards
2017 - Best Kitchen Design – Highly Commended

2016 Kitchen Awards
2016 - Best Canterbury Regional Kitchen Award
2016 - Best Kitchen Design

2013 Kitchen Awards
2013 - Best Canterbury Regional Kitchen Award
2013 - Best Presented Entry

2012 Kitchen Awards
2012 - Best Presented Entry

2011 Kitchen Awards
2011 - Best Canterbury Regional Kitchen Award
2011 - Best National Award

2010 Kitchen Awards
2010 – Best Canterbury Regional Kitchen Award
2010 - Best National Award
2010 - Supreme Award over all categories

2009 Kitchen Awards
2009 - Best Canterbury Regional Kitchen Award
2009 - Best National Award

Quote from the judges

“Entries were judged on workmanship, skill, complexity of the project, visual appeal, and use of materials. This year’s supreme Award winner has given us that, with sharp photos of a kitchen with clean lines, not overly complicated, and something of which the joinery industry as a whole can feel justly proud"